Rush Services

  • Our round the clock service has helped a client stuck in a deep controversy related to asbestos, from a major financial drain when no other laboratory in the area was ready to help him out.
  • A petrochemical industry with a suspected toxic gas leak during odd hours had CHEMTEX to its rescue.
  • Many of our long-standing clients have been greatly benefited from enormous resource drains due to our efforts.

Special Services

  • CHEMTEX has readily helped a multinational drilling company in analyzing their samples for rare organic compounds, when many labs were not able to solve the problem.
  • Another drilling company had a major problem with breakage of their drilling pipes during their operations CHEMTEX had analyzed those water samples and determined the cause of breakage..


  • CHEMTEX has a longstanding reputation of being the best. This has been recently testified by the U.S.Navy inter-laboratory check test in which CHEMTEX emerged the best amongst the five participating labs.
  • The very fact that we are invited to bid for nationally recognized projects like BWC, US Navy and various other federal, state and local agencies verifies the credibility and quality of services we provide.