About Us


Founded in 1983, CHEMTEX has established a reputation of excellence based on reliable and quality services. This reputation has recently earned the honor of an invitation to bid for the BWC, Pickerington, Ohio.

Our long-standing reputation for integrity with various environmental agencies ensures that the services we provide are cost-effective and are in full compliance with the new environmental regulations. Using highly qualified personnel and state of the art facilities, we provide premium quality environmental and chemical analyses, at competitive rates.

CHEMTEX ensures accurate testing, data management and report preparation to meet customers’ highly specialized needs. Our internal management system compliments our Quality Assurance & Quality Control program, in providing the most effective and cost-efficient compliance solutions in accordance with the state and federal regulations for our customers.


We Strive:

To maintain integrity of all the samples from the time they are collected till they go to the analysis table.

To ensure complete compliance of all the state and federal regulatory requirements in the laboratory working conditions and procedures.

To ensure maximum possible accuracy and precision of all the analytical results.

To update all the laboratory procedures employed in compliance with the latest promulgations from EPA and other official agencies.

To provide, accurate documentation of all the analyses results and ensure the results are transmitted to our clients at the earliest.